Hello, my people!

I’m so glad that you decided to stop by my blog. This isn’t my first blog post ever, but it is my first blog post on this website. My journey of blogging and entrepreneurship has been long and many times difficult.

I’ve had to start, stop, erase, and start over again. Some people know me as a writer, others know me as the owner of a body care line, still others know me as a speaker. I am all of those things and a bit more ;-). My hope is that this website will help me communicate to the world who I am.

It can be tough for someone like me to express that all of the moving parts that make me “Jen” are in some ways different but yet all tie together. Prayerfully, my blogs and my journey will inspire you to be the best version of YOU! There is so much for all of us to do on this earth and we don’t have a moment to waste. I do hope you’ll subscribe to my blog and my Youtube channel so that you can follow my journey closely. And as always, I’d love to hear from you!

Don’t be a stranger! Peruse my site and see if there’s even I service I provide that can be of help to you. Live your life with purpose and on purpose! That’s how I personally try to live my life every day. This is my world and I’m honored you’d love to take an inside look. Welcome.