Hey there! I hope you’re doing well. I’m also hopeful that you’ve been enjoying your summer so far. For me, this season has been hectic, but in a good way. Church is growing, business is growing and my kids are having a blast! I’ll take that type of busy any day. Anyway, I wanted to pause and take a few moments to share some thoughts with you.

I’ve spoken before about how much I initially struggled to launch this website and publicly share some of the many things that make me who I am. Fear was definitely the culprit. Being anxious and afraid of what others would think about me seemingly being “all over the place” caused me to hit the pause button on my businesses again and again. I was doing great work behind the scenes, but struggled to market myself. Long story short, I got over it and here we are!

Now more than ever, I am determined to empty myself to the world and pour out all that God has given me. And I realize for some, that’s a struggle. Sometimes we don’t release our gifts because we don’t feel like they’re needed. Other times we don’t give out of what’s been given to us because we fear the opinions of others or we simply assume time is on our side. Whatever the reason you’re holding back, it’s never a good one. We are meant to live lives of intentionality and purpose.

The more you give, the more you get. Think about it. Do you pour water into a glass that’s already full? Or do you pour fresh water into a glass that has been emptied? The same principle applies with our lives. God will not continue to pour into a vessel that is not emptying out. If so, what He pours will go to waste.

If you want God to bless you with more insight, more wisdom, more ideas, more business, more love, more joy, more peace…you get the message! You have to pour out. Filled vessels that never release their contents become stagnant. Empty vessels get filled.