Many times we recite this scripture (Luke 12:48) but I often wonder if we truly grasp its meaning. I’ve noticed that we’re great at asking God for more. More money, more opportunities, more clients, more resources and connections, etc. However, sometimes we are not the best at understanding the amount of responsibility that will come with more. There’s no way around it. If God gives you more, it’s because He’s trusting that you will now give Him more in return.

If He gives you more money, connections, resources, etc. He is expecting that you will sow more into the Kingdom financially, and that you will also help others advance in their purpose. We are never given more to hoard for ourselves. We are given more to be even more of a blessing. More anointing also requires more time in prayer, the Word and consecration overall.

My goal is not to scare you from asking for more. Quite the opposite. I actually want you to go and get everything you God has for you in life. However, I also want you to go in with the understanding that you have to ask God for the ability and capacity to handle more. How terrible would it be for the Lord to answer your prayers, but then lose it because you did not give the investor a return on His investment? God has every intention of equipping you with what you need to succeed. You just have a heart that is willing to rise to the occasion.

Stay humble, remain grateful and have a giving heart. The rest will fall into line.