Hi People! If you’re looking for a twist on taco night, try this taco pasta. It’s super easy to make, super delicious and you’re super welcome! The great thing about this dish is just like regular tacos, you can tailor it to your liking. 


1 Box Pasta (I prefer penne or bow tie)

1lb Package of Ground Meat (I used turkey)

A quarter of a Red Onion, Chopped

1 Package of Taco Seasoning

1 Can Corn (drained)

1 Can Black Beans (drained)

1 Can Diced Tomatoes (do NOT drain)

1 Cup Taco Sauce

2 Cups Cheese (cheddar or Mexican blend works best)

Sour Cream


  1. Cook pasta according to package directions. Drain, return to pot, toss in a bit of oil (this keeps it from sticking together) and set aside.
  2. Heat a pan with a bit of butter or oil on medium heat. Add ground meat and cook until almost browned. Add in the package of taco seasoning, and a quarter of a red onion. Stir occasionally and continue cooking until meat and onions are cooked all the way through.
  3. Remove pan from heat and put meat into the pot that has the pasta. Toss.
  4. Next, add corn, black beans, diced tomatoes, taco sauce, and cheese.
  5. Toss until everything is mixed well and cheese is melted.
  6. Be careful to keep the heat on very low heat at this time, stirring constantly so as not to burn your dish.
  7. Once the cheese is melted and everything is heated through, serve on a plate, top with a dollop (or two) of sour cream and enjoy!